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Partner Companies

From the 1950s, when demand from manufacturing industry was almost insatiable, we have cooperated with our partner companies to achieve results and build trust in the Japanese market.

We believe we can use our success in the Japanese market to build a reputation in rapidly growing markets such as China and India. Please contact us if you are thinking of doing business in Japan.

Name Country Product
Barwell Global Limited UK Barwell preformers, cooling tower etc for rubber processing
BASF Japan Ltd Japan Polymers and rubber chemicals
Bell Plastics Ltd UK Plastic mandrels and protective film products for rubber hose
Coesfeld GmbH & Co. KG Germany Standard and special test instruments for the rubber and plastic industry (Tear Analyser etc)
Daikin Industries, Ltd. Japan Fluoropolymers and mold releasing agents
Evonik Degussa Japan Co., Ltd. Japan Foam stabilizers, White carbon, Carbon black, coagent in peroxide crosslinking
Format Messtechnik GmbH Germany Polyurethane foam qualification system etc
Goldlucke Ingenieurleistungen Germany Foam cell quality evaluation system for polyurethane, polyethylene and polystyrene etc
H & K Limited Japan HEI-CAST polyurethane cast-moulding and HEI-AD adhesives
Hartest Precision Instruments Ltd. UK Standard and special testing instruments for rubber and plastics (Hardness testers, Rapic Plastimeters etc)
Wallace Instruments division
INOAC Corporation Japan Materials based on urethane, rubber, plastic and synthetic materials
Itoh Oil Chemicals Co., Ltd. Japan Refined Castor Oil
ITW Fluids North America US Water-based mold release agents for rubber and plastic industry
Kawaguchi Chemical Industry Co., LTD. Japan Rubber chemicals
Kenrich Petrochemicals US Zirconate coupling agents
Kraiburg TPE GmbH Germany Thermoplastic elastomers styrene based compound
Kyodo Chemical Co., Ltd. Japan Rubber chemicals
Lanxess K.K. Japan Polymers and rubber chemicals, Polymer-bound rubber chemicals (masterbatchs), processing promoters and polyurethan additives
Momentive Performance Materials Japan LLC Japan Polymers
Neos Company Limited Japan Mold releasing agents
Nippon Polyurethane Industry Co., Ltd. Japan socyanates, polyols, other polyurethane materials and thermoplastic polyurethane
Nissin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Japan Silicone/acrylic copolymer resin
Ouchi Shinko Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. Japan Rubber chemicals
Sanshin Chemical IndustryIndustry Co., Ltd. Japan Rubber chemicals
Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. Japan Silicone rubber
Sigma Engineering Germany 3D simulation software for injection molding processes
Smithers Rapra UK Scanning vibrating needle curemeter for CASE application
Societe Polytechs France Cling master batch, special peroxide master batch etc
Sumika Bayer Urethane Co., Ltd. Japan Isocyanates, polyols, other polyurethane materials and additives
Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. Japan Polymers and rubber chemicals
TaihoKohzai Co., Ltd. Japan Purging agent
VMI Holland BV Holland Tyre testing and building machineries, rubber processing equipment etc
Wacker Asahikasei Silicone Co., Ltd. Japan RTV and HTV silicone rubber

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